Interchange – Fall 2010

Warrington QM held Eighth Month 15 at Redlands Meeting House

Greetings Friends,

All Meetings for Worship have been held. Gettysburg MM continues to use the revised version of Faith and Practice. The queries on Social Concerns, Stewardship, and Vocal Ministry have been read and considered.

We had one member attending Yearly Meeting, held August 2nd. to August 8th. at Frostburg State University. There was a 2nd version of Faith and Practice on sale ($6.00) at Y.M. which includes many new additions. Friends are encouraged to study and discuss it at the Monthly Meeting level and send any comments to the Faith and Practice revision committee.(Address is listed in F &P book.)

On April 11th. Tim Cullen was warmly welcomed into membership. Tim rarely missed a Meeting for Worship during his four years at Gettysburg College, and he became an integral part of our Meeting. His letter of application for membership is a beautiful example of an inquiring and developing spirit and is attached to this report.

Friends at Gettysburg are very upset with conditions in the Middle East. On July 7th. we wrote a letter to President Barack Obama. We include a copy of this letter. A reply was received sympathizing with our concerns.

We continue to be blessed with visitors as we strive to be a beacon in the Gettysburg area.

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