Spiritual State of the Meeting – 2008

Gettysburg M.M. remains one of the smallest monthly meetings in BYM. We come together on First Days to worship in the peaceful setting of Glatfelter lodge on Gettysburg College campus. Attendance fluctuates from 2 or 3 to 14 or 15. Our Meeting for Worship, although small, gives us nourishment for the week ahead. We come to join with kindred souls who share the same core beliefs of peace, justice and equality. Responding to others with love and understanding helps us on our spiritual journey.

In March we welcomed two new members, Ruth and Marvin Shapiro . It was a blessing to have two very energetic Friends who worked extremely hard for peace and were so eager to learn more about Quakerism. These Friends moved to Friends House, Sandy Spring , at the end of the year. We really miss their presence.

We were able to help two of our students further their education this year. Miranda Henne , a gifted cello player, traveled to Fredonia , NY , to attend a quartet program on the campus of SUNY. Miranda reported that even though she had five hours practice every day she was enriched spiritually as well as musically. Tim Cullen , a student at Gettysburg College , has attended our Meeting for Worship faithfully for the past two years. He is traveling in Jordan for 3 months study with the School for International Training. We also reached out to the local soup kitchen with a monetary gift and fresh vegetables from our gardens. Every year we contribute to the Peace Camp which is sponsored by the Gettysburg Interfaith Center for Peace and Justice. Our Christmas donation went to SCCAP (South Central Community Action Program).

Good Quaker practice suggests that a clerk should serve for no more than six years, and we are concerned that with so few members there is no one available to step up and relieve our current clerk. There was a suggestion that we lay the meeting down but after much sharing Friends were eager that our meeting should continue.

Our Meeting remains a beacon for spiritual sojourners near and far. Although we do not grow in actual numbers we welcome visitors from the college and beyond quite often during the year. We all help in answering visitors’ questions about Quaker beliefs and practices.

As our 5 year old Joshua Stone wrote, “It is wunfl to hav Qacr Mting”.

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