Spiritual State of the Meeting – 2007

Gettysburg Monthly Meeting is one of the smallest in BYM. We meet at Gettysburg College and find our space to be a place of peace and centering. Friends come from near and far to worship together. We feel strongly connected one with another and this helps us to live our Quaker faith during the week.

We are a faithful Quaker community and the wonder of acting as a committee of the whole achieves a sense of common purpose without any preemptive voices overpowering worship with a concern for business. We listen and are heard, and speak together.

Individuals in our Meeting have been very active in the community. Two of our high school seniors belonged to the Amnesty International Club at the high school and participated in “Stop Genocide in Darfur” activities, including a demonstration at the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C. One of our families volunteered at the Children’s Advocacy Center and another Friend organized the Peace Camp that was sponsored by the Interfaith Center for Peace and Justice. One of our college students was a counselor at Friends Music Camp and other students are active in social and peace related causes. Working for peace is foremost in our thoughts and we pray that our country will become a force for peace in the world.

We are thankful for one new member, our college students, and new attenders in our midst. They enrich our Meeting with their presence. Our pre-school children are a joy and they love to come to Quaker Meeting and already understand the quiet of our worship.

It has been a year of spiritual growth and enlightenment for many in our meeting. Each week the loving and supportive atmosphere encourages within us the spirit of a sharing, caring commitment and love. The Inner Light shines brightly during worship time together, and its warmth continues to nourish and sustain us while we are apart.

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