Spiritual State of the Meeting – 2010

Gettysburg Monthly Meeting continues to be one of the smallest monthly meetings in Baltimore Yearly Meeting. Friends come from three different counties in Maryland and one county in Pennsylvania.

Our Meeting for Worship provides a place to recover from the stresses of the week. There is a sense of communion here that is very meaningful to all of us. We hold one another up and our worship often feels like a family coming together. The queries from the revised Faith and Practice are read during Meeting for Worship and have given us additional insight and spiritual nourishment.

The small size of our Meeting enables us to act as a committee of the whole in all matters. This results in a greater sense of community. We listen, and are heard, and speak together.

Our one family with children visits once a month and misses everyone when they attend another Meeting so their three children can experience first day school. Another member is teaching English in Bahrain and his monthly letters touch on the spiritual reach of our Meeting’s Light.

We try to make ourselves visible in the wider community by taking part and contributing to various activities and organizations in Gettysburg. Each of us contributes to the testimony for Peace and Social Concerns in our own way. We wish we could do more.

We continue to be concerned about our small number of Friends and Attenders and yearn for the time when our meeting will grow.

We have been blessed with visitors throughout the year, and our Light continues to shine.

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Interchange – Fall 2010

Warrington QM held Eighth Month 15 at Redlands Meeting House

Greetings Friends,

All Meetings for Worship have been held. Gettysburg MM continues to use the revised version of Faith and Practice. The queries on Social Concerns, Stewardship, and Vocal Ministry have been read and considered.

We had one member attending Yearly Meeting, held August 2nd. to August 8th. at Frostburg State University. There was a 2nd version of Faith and Practice on sale ($6.00) at Y.M. which includes many new additions. Friends are encouraged to study and discuss it at the Monthly Meeting level and send any comments to the Faith and Practice revision committee.(Address is listed in F &P book.)

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Interchange – Winter 2010

Gettysburg Monthly Meeting has long been associated with the Interfaith Center for Peace and Justice in Gettysburg. On Saturday, February 20th, the ICPJ is planning Let It Begin With Me, a day-long celebration of peace and justice through the arts, to be held at the Lutheran Seminary in Valentine Hall. Artists, performers and presenters are encouraged to express perspectives or experiences of peace and justice. Often peace and justice events protest against situations that threaten or withhold peace and justice from others. The ICPJ wants to act positively to encourage thought and action in support of peace and justice. Continue reading

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Spiritual State of the Meeting – 2008

Gettysburg M.M. remains one of the smallest monthly meetings in BYM. We come together on First Days to worship in the peaceful setting of Glatfelter lodge on Gettysburg College campus. Attendance fluctuates from 2 or 3 to 14 or 15. Our Meeting for Worship, although small, gives us nourishment for the week ahead. We come to join with kindred souls who share the same core beliefs of peace, justice and equality. Responding to others with love and understanding helps us on our spiritual journey. Continue reading

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